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University students and students an opportunity to go to university to get a degree (BA only) distance education symbolic costs in the amount of 3000 SR system (training courses mandatory fee) for each semester according to the system levels Aldraseh.utedv University of it to graduating qualified nationals eligible contribute essential in driving progress and Altnumeih.oeetm acceptance of distance education is always the first quarter only

Success factors of distance education

Development of distance education :Initially, it was distance education means education by correspondence , any broker that was the postal service that transmits printed materials , or written , between the learner and the teacher . But the techniques used in distance education currently expanding to include a wide range of applications of computers and modern communication media like moons industrial . Can now use satellite telephone and connect broadcasting , voice and image , to remote locations without ground networks infrastructure is expensive.Where education is generally an essential function in human societies , it was natural that changing forms of education in general, and to evolve, with the escalation of technical development . As distance education depends in particular on communication techniques , the cradle of each phase of development in the emergence of these technologies to appropriate forms of its distance education.

 The evolution of networks, e- produced correspondence education through printed materials and written . Adi and start broadcasting to the use of radio in education. And the progress of electrical and electronic industries has increased the role of music in general education through recording devices , then the back of the TV, followed by the video . The increased importance of the forms of educational broadcasting , heard and see , with the prevalence of the use of satellites. With the proliferation of personal computers and computer networks , computer applications become , especially those based on the interaction of the most important means of distance education, and most effective , and in particular in the field of self-learning .

 In the United States , for example , granted preliminary licenses " educational radio " in the initial twenties of this century , and began broadcasting educational television in 1950 . Did not arise initially , and perhaps most important , open universities only in 1971 in Britain . And began using networks of computers in teaching and learning in the United States , when provided , " National Science Foundation " to U.S. universities the opportunity to use the Internet in the mid-eighties . This was followed , in the nineties , the start of the widespread use of computer media in the pre-university education , in the workplace and at home . ( Nader Fergany 0.1999 m (
Definition of Distance Education : Distance LearningThe complaint about the growing deficit in access to a clear definition of distance education ; there are many terms to him in English , such as:1 . Home schooling Home study2 . Independent Study Independent study3 . Additional studies External study4 . Study after Distance studyThis resulted in the varied definitions of distance education , including:• "It is the position of education occupies a means of communication available , Kalmtbuaat and telephone networks , telex systems, TV and computer mail and other wired and wireless devices play a key role in overcoming the problem of long distances that separate between the teacher and the learner to allow the opportunity to interact together" ( Tawfiq Mari and Mohammed Nasser , 1985 )• that " the term given to a type of education , based on the delivery of the educational process to learners living in remote areas or geographically isolated , and offers to those who do not allow their own circumstances to move to the classroom irregular , and forms of Applied correspondence education and education radio and TV " ( Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed, 1425 )• and that " the kind of education that is provided to the sites and places the student or the student where far away geographically from the professor , communication is done through the techniques of information transfer audio and video ( live and recorded ) or through computer technology and the Internet, including teaching synchronous and asynchronous " ( Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed, 1425 )• and that ( a variety of teaching methods in which the behavior learning separate from the teaching behavior , and includes those means which the communication between the teacher and the learner across devices and printing tools , mechanical devices , electronic and other devices " ( Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed, 1425 )• and that " the systematic use of print and other media , and this media should be well-prepared in order to link communication between learners and teachers , and provide support to learners in their studies " ( Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed, 1425 )

  I chose the first definition because he was clear , and different system of education and distance learning for formal education usual in two things: the first is the lack of direct confrontation between the teacher and the learner . The second is the distance between the teacher , Omusdr learning and the learner , Va. teacher and the learner is not combined by place one , and the timing of specific as is the case in the school and university education regulars (Maher Sabri, Salah Tawfik 0.2005 m)The areas of distance learning :1 - a college education :
     You may have conditions Ktheramen individuals for not completing their university education because of the work to be spent on the family , or because of lack of financial ability . In all of these cases you may lose these individuals hope to complete their college education , but education after solve the problem , and restores these individuals hope to complete their university studies through what is known as Ba open University .
     Has been concerned by the open universities in the world and has prepared a number of programs that rely on communication tools of all kinds , and the most famous of these universities currently the British Open University . And characteristics provide freedom for schools in the choice of subject and the place and date of the study. , Which led to a reduction in the cost of the study and the face of competition for classroom seats in universities , because the capacity is limited and is linked to Ba space and time and the number of the workforce.

 2 - service teacher training :
   Use this system for teacher training and rehabilitation in many countries of the world so as to develop their expertise and raise the level of their performance and practice teaching in the classroom .
   It is the leading models in this field program UNRWA UNESCO Institute of Education to train teachers Filstunain in all host countries .3 - general training programs :
   These programs target the many segments of the communities in their work site , Ka engineers , administrators, doctors and others, so as to enrich their knowledge and practices to determine their level of Applied . (Maher Sabri, Salah Tawfik 0.2005 m)Patterns of distance education :Evolving patterns of distance education and the development of alternate generations Transport information used in it as shown in the following table:Notes from the above table that the fourth generation of patterns of distance education has the best specifications for communication techniques used for distance education , and also notes that " distance education is not new , but new is the concept of e -learning remote electronic distance learning (EDL)"" The impact of the emergence of new technologies , especially computers in the use of some of the terms that may reflect the distance education of these terms : open education open learning, and distance learning tele-learning, and chapter -mail default virtual electronic classroom, and e-learning . E-learning . " ( Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed, 1425 )Distance education is divided in terms of transportation into two types:
 1 - direct communication ( synchronous ) : the lecturer and students communicate at the same time directly but physical presence is not necessary in the same place .2 - indirect contact ( asynchronous ) : It is not necessary that there is the lecturer and students at the same time or the same place , such as the use of e-mail and discussion forums ... Etc. .Both stylistic distance education, has its advantages and disadvantages , and we have seen that most universities in need of asynchronous method more than the simultaneous method for many reasons, including:- Schedule different students .- The technology required for the method of simultaneous prohibitive.- Most of the students do not have the Internet fast.
  ( Beautiful Atmesa 0.1430 e)Characteristics of distance education :1 - completely eliminate the constraints of time and place , a student learns is in his home or in his office or in his car at the time he wanted, depending on the circumstances available to him in the days of work or in vacation days and holidays because the connection will be through the Internet to study materials or educational previously uploaded Professor of , so is not required to exist Prof. student contact time , and thus may be a student in Cairo and related during daylight hours while his teacher in America asleep .At the same time, is no longer required to create classrooms and filled the nine hundreds or thousands .. This is already out of the question .. And therefore we would have spent on running the place and under the money and potential .2 - closer contact between teacher and student because the student by Professor connection through the Internet ,And Professor receives the message in his own time and is missed and the student receives a reply in his own time , and the two discussed and reacts degree is not available in the traditional education system .3 - also available work discussions and debates among students and they are located in places , and even in multiple countries on a particular subject they teach , and is not possible in the traditional education system .4 - and provides distance learning also multicultural and Ahtkakatha and mutual benefit among them because the students are studying together and they are from all over the world .5 - and distance learning also allows the possibility of combining the start of working life and at the same time of the study, and therefore no need for a rigid division of human life to a period of about 15-16 years of study to begin work later .6 - distance learning allows the continuation of learning at any time and in any subject and at any level with no trouble .7 - enables distance learning as well as adjust the exams and completely eliminate cheating in the exam and focus on thinking and analysis and inference and not only conservation and indoctrination .8 - and distance learning in the end it will reduce the cost.9 - and distance learning will spend on the problems of the school administration or management of the college and the issues of discipline and order and that all associated costs .10 - is the educational system keep pace with developments in the field of technology transfer and use of information in education.11 - make the most of the energies of qualified education instead of limiting their potential in the education of a limited number of students in regular universities , but the benefit of an unlimited number of students through modern technology for communications and information transfer . ( Afifi and friend Susan Anchorage )
Means of distance education :
   Using distance education and educational technology all modern means of communication for the success of the educational process from a distance, depending on the type of course and specialization , including:First printed educational materials :The textbook of the most important and easiest ways to learn printed , contains the textbook knowledge to be gained by the student also has the drawings and paintings , illustrations and exercises and sometimes techniques and self-tests , and a book author specifically for distance education more detailed explanation of the books of formal education , ranging in size 2 -3 times the size of his ilk wrote formal education in order to facilitate the student to interact with the material in the absence of a professor .
Second, non-print instructional materials , such as:• audio tapes .• visual tapes ( videos ) .• computer disks or CDs .
Third, the means of communication :• means of communication such as television via local broadcast and broadcast via satellite , has been used to broadcast video or two-way direction .• local and global radio .• phone to inquire and discuss the article with the professor .• Fax .• Computer and information networks of local and global ( Internet) .• e-mail .• regular mail to send the parcel educational , and using this medium to send significantly bags or parcels experimental laboratory for students of science subjects , such as microscopes and dissection tools and glass tools and computing facilities .
Fourth, other means :• public and private libraries .• research and educational laboratories at universities and research centers and educational centers of the university and hospital laboratories for some disciplines to accomplish and implement some of the educational , scientific experiments , and may be in the form of short summer courses . (Khalid Mustafa and Saleh Hamad , 2001 )
The need to distance education, and education multi-channel :There are many justifications for taking us to introduce a system of distance education , including:1 . It is linked to the philosophy of continuous learning , not for education alone , but for the education and development and cope with the requirements and needs and develop the skills that day after day , and in the various fields.2 . It is commensurate with the scientific progress rapid accumulation of knowledge large in which we live these days Vmtabah new in the field of the medicine , and Computer Engineering , for example, can be done after a day through the global information network ( Internet) ; This is the introduction of this type of education is up to date and to cope with the conditions of life in which we live today.3 . As proven by scientific research that barrier spatial does not have a negative impact on educational outcomes or educational attainment , many studies suggest that there is no difference in academic achievement between students who received their education remotely and among their peers who received their education in the classroom . ( Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed, 1425 )Terms of the success of distance education, and education multi-channel :Thought ( Parker 1996), that the focus of success in distance education is : a teacher , and you should keep in account the fact that there is no technology that compensates for the weakness of teaching skills , and when the teacher is a good standard , the technology becomes more pronounced , and that the teaching weak negative effect applications in distance education , but when there is a good veteran teacher who is capable of creative use of technology , lead to enrich the learning process for a student who does not sit within the walls of regular study .He ( McKenzie et al 1997 ) identified nine important factors for the success of distance education programs :1 - ease of use of the system.2 - the clarity of the characteristics of distance education , which distinguish it from traditional teaching .3 - Compatibility with the teacher's style ( of the relative advantages and compatibility ) .4 - Fear and motivated students and their development.5 - improve and develop the student's education .6 - the availability of enough time to learn how to use the system .7 - The possibility of the use of equipment and devices in the classroom .8 - proper training and enough teachers .9 - the availability of the necessary funds . (Sarah Oraini 0.1999 m)Cons introduction of distance education


Cons of the leading distance education as follows:1 . The absence of role models and the impact of the teacher in this type of education2 . Could not be this kind of education to discover talents and abilities of learners .3 . Do not develop verbal ability of the learner .4 . Might leak out of the learner boredom of sitting in front of the length of the hardware5 . Absence of the human side of the educational process , for his absence in the machine6 . Distance learning weakens the social relations of the learner7 . Affect learning by machine on the health of the learner .8 . The high cost of this type of education , especially in the beginning of the foundation and what you need this stage of sophisticated devices in modern means of communication and information technologies , as well as the cost of technical maintenance , it's the cost of educational technology and the associated cost of preparing the scientific material , design and cost of transmission via satellite and the cost of faculty members , administrators and technicians specialized centers .9 . Teaching manner of distance education needs of the teacher a lot of time in the preparation of decisions, and accurate description of her , and materials detailed and all -media support , which will depend upon the learner from a distance, and some believe that the time required to prepare a decision on after more than about 66% of the time required to prepare an ordinary decision .10 . The time required to respond to inquiries educated electronically much more than the time required to answer the same questions in education and the usual face- to-face .11 - lack some of the requirements of distance learning for some students or non- proficiency in use , such as computer and network support services such as information technology.12 . The scarcity of trained personnel to design and develop the means of distance education and the consequent time and great effort to train new cadres .13 - Some students may feel lost or confusion on educational activities .

 ( Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed 0.1425 e) and (f Khalid Mustafa and Saleh Hamad 0.2001 m)Challenges to face cons of distance education :1 . For students : You must provide the educational needs of the students is the cornerstone of all effective programs for distance education , a measure that is based on the evaluation of any effort in this field . Regardless of the educational context , the main task of the students are learning a daunting task even in the best of circumstances ; terms require enthusiasm , planning, and the ability to analyze and apply educational content to be educated at the delivery of information from a distance.2 . Skills and abilities of faculty : The success of any efforts to distance education rests with the faculty , in the traditional education system for the classroom , including the teacher's responsibility : to organize the contents of the seminar , and a better understanding of the needs of the students . It is incumbent upon all teachers after they prepare themselves to face the special challenges , and here For the teacher :. Develops practical understanding about the needs of students and recipes distance learners in the absence of direct contact and face- to-face .. Follow the teaching skills to take into account the needs and expectations of diverse and disparate recipients .. Develops a practical understanding of the technology delivery , with continued focus on the educational role of his personal .. Works efficiently as a guide and deftly directed to educational content .3 - counselors and mediators at the site :Often the teacher sees that it is useful to rely on a broker at the site ; to serve as a link between students and teacher , and his role in order to be effective it must accommodate the need to provide service to the student , in addition to the teacher's expectations of him. More importantly, have the desire to guide the implementation of the teacher's instruction .It enhances the role of mediator in the performance of the education service and having a good budget and techniques ; , even if his experience in the field of educational technology a few ; guides where the processing equipment and techniques to collect tuition , and supervise the examinations as if they were the eyes and ears of teachers .4 - technical support team : These people are the unknown soldiers in the process of distance education, they are making sure that the vast amount of Specialties required for the success of this program has been dealt with effectively . In the most successful programs for distance education , is the unification of the functions of supporting services to include registration of students , copying and distribution of materials , providing books , and copyright protection , and the development of programs , and the work of special reports in degrees , and management of technical resources .... Etc. .The individuals based on support are really the foundation that maintains the coordination of efforts together and interdependence in the field of distance education.5 - administrators : Although the administrators usually influence in the planning of the distance learning program for the institution , but they often lose control to professional managers as soon as the program is being implemented. The administrators actors in the field of distance education are more than just the people who provide ideas . They're doing a combined process of building , and decision-making , and they arbitrators . And working closely with those in charge of technical matters and support services ; to ensure that technological resources have been utilized in the educational mission of the institution effectively . The important thing is that they keep the focus on the academic side , with the observation that meet the educational needs of the student after the student is the responsibility for the first and last . ( Jasmine return , Journal of Muslim soldier )Conclusion :Distance education entrance regenerative formal learning regulars , based on the use of communication media , because of its roots to education by correspondence , and study at home. He coordinated an education based on self-learning , and takes care to provide educational materials on the basis of the distance between the parties to the educational process , and guide students and their support and assistance and supervision their development by a team of counselors and determined their duties and responsibilities . remote Education is an effective way to provide learning opportunities and enriching experiences for operators who can not afford to drop out and work full-time to learn, who have been deprived of any formal education .Source loving NetworkReferences:1 - enlightenment and technological modernization of education / formation Maher Sabry ; Salah Tawfik . - I 0.1 . - Alexandria , Egypt : modern office campus 0.2005 .

The best secrets for distance education

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Distance Learning aims to increase access and not to profit :Those who look at distance education as a
 means to collect huge amounts of money for their programs or their departments , will be disappointed when they start to work within the actual costs of this attempt that these costs include hardware , software , system maintenance and upgrading its resources , technical support , evaluation and development of academic programs , to provide support to students and to the large number of workers in other areas , in addition to changes Atsalatyh and private infrastructure costs associated with these parts and vital services .These costs add to recurring expenses , make it necessary to reinvest all income achieved by the default of the company. Those who are making profits , they are able to neglect the modifications and improvements necessary to raise the estimators with a potential risk losing market share , which struggled to get it in the beginning.This does not mean that distance education is free from physical benefits . There are many institutions that provide grants to organizations that provide services and educational programs . A few years ago , it was a coverage includes expenses of transporting teachers to and from the centers located in remote places . Even today it is not unusual for teachers to travel 200 to 300 miles a week to meet with students far away . Of course, this is the time and effort a heavy expense borne by the educational institution .In contrast, the proper use of distance education can make it a reasonable cost , even if the final result were not high profit. The correct use of the technology in terms of the ability to develop the market to deal with institutional programs and services , and to prove the important role played by the educational institution in the delivery of creative programs , it may be more useful .

        Technology does not offer magic solutions :Accompanies each new technology claims she describes as the best way to connect all the problems will be solved by education. Unless educational needs are understood in detail , any technology can be described as appropriate or inappropriate . Even those who are at the forefront of technological innovation , admit frankly that they are unsure of the path you pay the technology their companies to him , and as a result they are investing heavily in the areas of marketing , research and development , in an attempt to maintain their superiority in technology, regardless of their location in the future .The best advice directed to institutions that do not have adequate funding for research and development , is to avoid technological solutions to solve the problems of education. And on these institutions to focus on the content and the needs of the student and the educational requirements , and potential obstacles . The attention to these topics will make the appropriate technological solutions more clearly.Within this framework , the primary benefit of the Internet beyond being a way to connect itself to be a platform from which different technological solutions . And who believe that the Internet is the perfect solution for all educational problems , they have to review the research papers published in the fifties and she would say the same thing about the monitor (Projector) is such as TV and video.

       Change is the only thing constant in the world of educational technology :The prospect of change is tainted by the challenge and mystery. Preassigned organization to move quickly without long-term planning and adequate , confined them in the decisions of technology will become obsolete quickly . As if moved too slowly , the market share in terms of the programming has to decline . And with the same degree of damage , the failure of the program in the development will give the signals of the points competition and potential markets , said the program is no longer valid for the application.Timing is everything in a world of technological change . And those who know how to use technological development in a timely manner , they will be big winners , the rest Vsinafsson crumbs .

      Sustainability of technology evolution does not depend on the hops :During the last thirty years has been the technological development is relatively stable manner . The process can be described as the birth of the technology and its death and return to life .

   - At the stage of birth new technologies emerge , accompanied by unrealistic expectations where there is exaggeration in the potential impact of this new tool .

   - At the stage of death defenders veterans Bhgerha about this technology and move to the next evolution , Vijv public enthusiasm where they appear at the same time the reality of what may or may not offer the new technology has to offer .

   - In the stage back to life , appears to absorb more aware when they are testing the new technology in different educational areas .Over time , the technology that has been claiming that they have a solution for everything take its place among other teaching aids and disappear from the front of technological development , and is used by those who can invest their benefits at best.

    Distance education : priority to the quality of the academic program and not for the technology :The choice of technology is easy compared with what it takes to design, develop and implement an academic program effectively. The authors of the program successful are the ones who provide adequate resources to care for and develop the creators and teachers who are interested in wanting to succeed in distance learning project .The experiences of educational delivery that rely entirely on technology , without participating daily by teacher Maher and conscious , may generate initial interest in students . But they will not be able to maintain the same level of interest in the educational program as a whole , that did not exist for the design of an appropriate material , and the center of attention from teachers , as well as the readiness of the student himself .

     The importance of successful management in the use of educational technology :The technology to catch up with an endless battle , full of expectations that are not unprecedented . Look at the pressure caused by the limited resources , and the need to plan for the future permanent with the knowledge that the technology that is applied today are often on the way to becoming obsolete.The best thing to be said for the management of technology is that someone should do it and do correctly. Without the existence of a distinct management skills , and the ability of high probability , the task of administrators impossible task.

      The effectiveness of distance learning are related to use ALL IT interaction :The lack of personal interaction between students and teachers effectively , as well as the failure to regulate the feedback process is one of the potential weaknesses in the basic and distance education. Conversely, the need for effective mutual interaction between students remote offers a great opportunity to use technology creatively . In fact, it was both mutual interaction between teacher and student , or between students themselves , the learning increases when it is the use of technology to secure and improve communication .Often requires effective education that is completely full-time teachers , to develop and establish a framework of education , even when the target audience is adults with great enthusiasm . The learning that is between students without a teacher is also of great importance . In most environments, distance education , we find that it is difficult for many students to maintain an ongoing relationship with educational content , and can ways of finding places of learning and links technology students gathered telecommuters together , they could fill the gaps between the thing that is taught and what has been learned .

        Education and face- to-face is still a way to support the effective delivery of educational courses that are remote and that when possible :

 Many believe that there is no need for education and face- to-face seminars , which are remote . That some of the best of these seminars contain some basic parts , which are the direct communication between teachers and students individually , or in small groups or with all members of the class.It may be impossible to collect natural causes teacher and students together . The method is not supported personal communication if it is not practical or is not important in terms of educational value . But if the personal interaction between teacher and students is an important part of the seminar , it is important to meet as a group in the early season as much as possible . We have confirmed a number of experienced teachers working in the field of distance education , the level of the students relax for increasing the use of technology clearly if a meeting between the students and the teacher at the beginning of the seminar , so that they work personal relationships .

     Many teachers feel comfortable when students join scholars remote from other institutions to their shares , but they do not like their students to take lessons from teachers in other institutions :

 This issue leads to uncomfortable situations where projects wandering distance education and the limited success of strategic partnerships based on the sharing of faculty . The best partnerships are formed when determined by the needs of the Academy and when there is a certain expertise in educational institutions . In these cases, competition is not considered an important factor , where it is of interest for both sending and receiving institutions . The real academic alliances has proved to be a rare exception , not the rule , although it main motivation for founding the beginning of the initial efforts to distance education.

Strategies for distance education

Attributes students study remotely : The primary goal of the student is learning in the best of circumstances , this challenge requires strong motivation and good planning and the ability to analyze and apply the information that has been studied . In the field of distance learning , education becomes more difficult and complicated for several reasons : Many of the students in this area of the elderly and the staff and owners of families , so they have to respect the coordination between learning in different walks of life, among other aspects of life .

 There are several reasons as well as the education they have, some of them is interested in the collection of a degree to qualify for a better job , and many are pursuing study in the interest of their culture and not in order to get a diploma .

 The difficulty of this type of student learning in isolation and not mixing with other students of which leads to the absence of the spirit of competition and communication. Also lacks the student to direct reinforcement , guidance and direction needed . Also miss the direct role of the teacher to clarify the points that need to be clarified.

 In addition, these students and teachers find they have a few common denominators in terms of dating and everyday experiences , leading to the need for more time to find a common relationship between them.

 In this education technology relies on the fact that the mediator carrier of information and communication . Which requires students and teachers cope with these technical regulations , the contact becomes forbidden .

     Students study the evolution of ( remote ) to learnersFreshmen students may face some difficulty in determining the academic requirements of real substance to the lack of direct assistance and guidance , and the lack of direct supervisor or to not get used to dealing with the technical means used. It may not be educated and confident in themselves and what they learn .

 Presumably ( Morgan ) that students study ( remote ) is confident of acquiring and understand what they are learning and this tend to save the details and facts in order to end the homework and sit for the exams , which leads to weakness in the understanding of the requirements of the study. He called this type of memorizing facts and details of the entrance surface for education and summed up as follows :

     Focus on the signals ( such as text and instructions ) .
     Focus on the elements .
     Save the information and methods to prepare for the exam .
     No link between the facts and concepts .
     Failure to distinguish between principles and evidence , and information between ancient and modern .
     Dealing with duties as something imposed by the supervisor , and the separation of knowledge from reality because of the requirements of the surface interest worksheets and exams.The students in distance education need more ability to focus on learning new material , and this requires that turns learning from the entrance level surface to the entrance of a deeper level . Morgan summarizes the crowbar as follows :

     Focus on what is important ( the arguments of teachers ) .
     Discrimination and connecting new ideas with the knowledge of old.
     Link the concepts of daily experience .
     Linking and distinguish what is installed and moot .
     Organize and arrange the content of the article.
     Emphasis on linking educational material reality pension.

    Development of distance education : how to prepare learners for learners afterThe development of this type of surface learning to deep learning is not automatic . It is suggested Brundage and Makenzon that adult students and teachers have to face a number of challenges and overcome them before that the process of the study: to assume the responsibilities themselves owning control over their forces and their desires and their skills and their needs , clarify and explain what they have learned and to maintain self-esteem , and observance definition of legitimacy knowledge and dealing with the content. One of the challenges that must be taken into account :

     The ability to take responsibility for self-Scholars needed in workshops distance education to highly motivated until the interest of them, and because the daily interaction between teachers and students is absent , the able teachers to provide the students the feedback rapid and permanent , and encourage debate among scholars , and encourage and reinforce study habits effective .

     Possession of power , desires , skills , and needsStudents need to know their abilities to their limit , and find out what they will learn the goals . The teachers are able to reveal the capabilities of the learners and the extent of their knowledge of the objectives , by creating the role of her assistant in the learning process . The creation of opportunities for the participation of learners in the experiences of learning materials , helps to make what Atamlonh meaningful and increases the motivation to learn.

     To maintain the self-esteem and increaseWhat worries students in distance education is the fear of lack of success in the material they teach . Understanding offsetting between several responsibilities : the job and take responsibility for the family. Often does not know who they are working with them scholars , as well as perhaps unaware that their family members. And that will enhance their performance if they devoted a good time to their studies , and if they won an encouragement of the family. The teachers are able to keep the Hamas student self , by giving immediate feedback . It is important that teachers respond to students' questions and duties and interests humanely comfortable , through the use of appropriate technologies such as fax, phone or computer. The explanatory notes which do personal performance of the learner , and to propose methods of improvement and development is one of the cofactors in this area .

    Relationship with othersStudents learn in an effective manner when it is available to them the field of interaction with other students , the interaction between the learners leads to collective cooperation in solving problems , and when it is to meet the learners impossible , the technical means of virtual interaction , such as e-mail must be met in order to encourage small groups and bilateral meetings . As to the duties that her students work together , and that display in front of the whole class , encourage interaction among students , it should confirm the teacher's instructions clear and practical objectives of the duties of the collective .

     Redefining the real knowledge acquiredResearch indicates that adult learners may find it difficult to accept the fact that their experience and knowledge of their reactions are acquired . If the role of the teacher as facilitator and not something that the students will see their personal experiences in order to learn valuable coming. They can also make use of the consciences of the speakers in order to strengthen their own values ??and experiences and perspectives .

      Dealing with contentLearning is enhanced when students have secured keyed examples . And supports teachers in teaching style examples that they learned during their training . To be effective distance education , for teachers to discover examples are related experience and the reality of their pupils . The teacher should encourage students to use and develop better acquainted and examples linked to their community.

     ConclusionThat education and distance learning hard work . In all cases , it is possible to become a distance education meaningful deeply for the students , if the share of students and teachers the process of developing goals and educational strategies , and found interaction living among the students were encouraged to exchange experiences varied among them , and linking information with examples that promote and maintain the self-esteem , and evaluate what has been learned . This is the challenge and the opportunity provided by distance education.

Printing in distance education

Features printed material : printed materials provide the following:

     Automatic : You can use printed materials without the need for complex presentation tools .

     Transparency of Education : display modes should be encouraged not hinder the process of designing the content. If a student reads well , the printed material is the most transparent way of teaching others.

     Provide a secure environment : The second reading is normal for most students . It is therefore easy for them to focus on content without feeling bored or dispersion , of the act of reading itself.

     Ease of Use: printed materials can be used at any time and any place in which there is adequate light , without the need for additional sources such as electricity or display screen or electronic classrooms are designed in particular. For ease of transfer of printed materials have a significant impact , particularly for learners in rural areas with scarce availability of advanced technology.

     Accessibility and Auditing : printed materials characterized as being under the control of the learner . So it makes it easier for the student survey and written material quickly and focus on the parts that require more attention .

     Low cost : The printing means the least expensive education . In addition to the large number of means by which the process of copying printed materials and low cost .

     Ease of editing and revision : Comparison with sophisticated computer programs , the review and revision of the printing features ease and low cost .

     Shorten the time : When the production of printed educational materials will be the primary focus on the content ( content ) and not the technical aspects needed by the style of presentation .

    Cons printed material :

 Limited vision of reality : printing offers printed materials , for the adoption of written words , an incomplete picture of reality . In spite of the use of pictures and explanations images in an excellent manner , but that does not allow never provide a moving picture in the printed material .

 Inertia : Many studies have proven that there is a great need for a strong incentive for the ability to complete the program of study based on printed materials .To some extent , it is possible to overcome the recipe inertia that characterize printed materials , designs educational stimulate student but it remains for us the fact that reading books or working through the exercises started , require a greater incentive compared with watching a TV program or participate via the chat audio where the teacher encourage students to feedback and interaction.

 One-way : even when containing printed material on the feedback mechanisms and interactive exercises , but it remains easy for learners to go directly to the part of your answers . Regardless of the method used , it is in the absence of self review and interaction , there will be suffering for the teacher .

 Heavy reliance on reading skills : TV has contributed to the development of the skills of vision is acceptable for students at the age of four . These children themselves fail to develop adequate reading skills by the age of twelve , and often need reading skills to follow-up and development . The lack of these literacy skills will hinder the effectiveness of the best printed educational materials , so it must be emphasized mastery of reading skills until the expected interest and must be done to overcome this shortfall entirely to printing is used effectively to read printed material .

    Read printed material :
     Textbooks : which is the foundation and source of most of the education programs : As is their role in traditional education . And must be subject to these books for the calendar and to review the minutes prior to their adoption , and this is very essential in distance education when there is no daily contact between the teacher and the learner .

     Study Guides : which are used by distance learners in order to promote the points that have been exposure to them during the lesson through means other display . These include evidence of the exercises , and additional readings related to the topic of the lesson and other sources available to the student .

     Pamphlets work : use these books in the process of distance education for the purpose of presenting the contents of the lesson interactively . This book may consist of a summary of the lesson or topics that will be studied in single or multiple exercises or practical examples for students and short tests ( with answers keys ) for the purpose of self-evaluation . In addition , there are several forms of nutrition review and address some of the gaps and taking into account individual differences and re- focus attention on the content.

     Curriculum Guide : The integrated and comprehensive scheme for the Study of the primary school for many distance education programs , which include the objectives, the expected level of performance , a description of the duties , related readings , evaluation criteria , and daily review of the material being studied . It must be planned in full the maximum extent possible in order to guide students through the program and to compensate for the lack of daily contact between the school and the student .

     Case Studies : This is a very effective teaching tool if you type in a creative way . In fact, usually the case study provides practical examples about the disadvantages of style printed materials , where the imagination is stimulated students to imagine themselves in a particular case requires that the school be addressed . In many cases, the scenario study on the content ( content ) , where it is to ask questions and provide alternative solutions and thus draw the attention of students to different parts of the article .

    Design of educational materialsSince the printing is characterized as a way Atanagal one-way , it poses a challenge based on the design of educational materials increases the process of interaction in distance education, and must take the following points in mind:

 Writing style : be prepared educational materials for special education programs after a language closer to the language of communication , including the language of magazines and books . Here, we can take into account the following :

    Use short sentences .
    Avoid the use of Compound sentences .
    Avoid providing a large amount of information in a single sentence .
    Use a formula known for building .
    The use of pronouns speaker .
    Proportionality between points .
    Showing conditions separately .
    Avoid a repeat of exile .
    Use the formula directly to the target .
    Using well-known examples .
    Writing in a manner that seems to speak any writing as in conversation.
    Speech is difficult to avoid the use of technical terms only when necessary.
    Put sentences and paragraphs in a logical sequence : first the things that affect a number of things , then those things less influential in the first year and then your first temporary and then permanent data .
    Avoid stereotypes and gender ideology .

    Design of educational materials

 Focus on the organization of the content before you start writing : must be a framework for the material to be covered . Usually printed material many words, because the author is the process of planning, organizing and writing at the same time . Instead, it must be based on content regulation goals. To focus in a systematic and creative to organize follow threads , in order to be planned well organized and it glides effortlessly implications .

 Ask an introduction to the material must prepare a written introduction to the material so that the first thing he sees learner after . Preferably contain introduction article on the background of self- around teacher , a summary of the material , its goals and objectives , a list of books , tools and references that may be required by the learner , information about the duties and Aldarcyh examinations and evaluation system .

 To maintain the stability of the shape : the learner can relieve anxiety with the unknown through consistency in presentation style tutorial. And the development of an effective form and an organizational chart of the material and maintain it. You must use the headings and sub-headings sufficient to facilitate the student to see her .

 Using sophisticated organizations : the means used to connect the new material with the above information to the learner according to the cognitive structure of the material. Must be characterized by these organizations of a general nature and brief relative to the material to be put up later , to help the learner to link the parts and the different concepts of academic material with each other . Must be put ideas in general and comprehensive introduction to the lesson and then proceed to ask detailed information.

 Using examples: in the traditional classroom , the teacher provides examples to illustrate a particular point of difficulty in the understanding of the students . As a result of lack of communication between the student and the teacher in distance education programs , must include printed material on the many good examples and similar cases . We must make sure that these examples address the various levels of cultural and age and experience of the learners .

 Comprehension questions included : The presence of the questions in the printed material encourages the learner to interact and deal more through the process of distance learning. And must use questions designed to measure the learner's understanding , rather than questions which are based on memorization .

 Add the list of terms : where in this list summarizing all the new terminology , especially technical , contained in the article. And are distinguishable line printing is clear and bold .

Why educational TV best buy gift card

Why educational TV ? The educational television is an effective way to deliver distance education is available for integration with the curriculum on three basic levels are: a solo lesson : where programs dealing with a theme or concept and one specific . It also contains an introduction to familiarize the overview, or summary . Unity selected : a series of programs provides the basis for the unity of educational content in the school curriculum course . Academic course homepage : programs of an educational TV series for one or more can be collected so that the course of a full academic semester in conjunction with the printed educational materials .It may be the TV educational positive interaction or negative . Said television negative interaction depends on the programs preset that are distributed through videos or through a broadcast -based audio technology and the image of the broadcast normal , or broadcast over wires , or broadcast via satellite Industrial .While the TV -based interaction , opens the way for viewers to interact with him , either by interaction with the teacher in a live broadcast , or by post to the site of the student. For example , we find that the television -based interaction within the framework of sound and image-based also on a reciprocal basis to allow all students to see and interact with the teacher . At the same time can watch all the participating students . It is also possible to prepare the system where all students are all students at various locations to watch each other .The advantages of educational television

    Is a common way as long as most people have already viewing television .
    Possible to combine vision and movement in Formula One , and so on are explained abstract concepts or complex shapes by visual . Thus, the old phrase , which says that " the image in parallel worth a thousand words " is true.
    The educational television and successful way to transport students to new environments (such as the moon, a foreign country , or through the lens amplifier ) .
    TV achieves superior educational workers on time and place , where events are captured and listed on the stages as soon as they occur.
    It is a very effective way to identify if the concepts or shortened or revised .
    It can be used effectively as a means of stimulating .Determinants of educational TV

          It is in charge of finding a television broadcast The educational quality .
       The production on the basis of sound and image consumes a lot of time and requires high levels of technology , where it is needed in many cases to the productivity of equipment and facilities complex .
          The selection of the sites that will be participating in the interactive program of educational television programs may need to equipment , facilities and personnel specialists .
       Most of the seminars prepared in advance by the educational television depends on the method of collective influence and that of the student learning -oriented in terms of the normal level . As a result , this method may not be effective in serving students with special needs .
          The impact of educational television can be a limited impact when it is used in the form of free or negative interaction .
          The educational television programs may seem often below the level of professionalism and that if they are not producing these programs professionally .
          The educational TV programs difficult to be changed or updated as long as the work was completed .Design lessons for educational TVWhen designing lessons for educational TV , the challenge lies in the issue on the basis of visual thinking . The benefits of the visual image of the educational TV will stand facing a growing reliance on lectures. Thus, the carefully planned methods of presentation rather than telling has worked to improve the educational effectiveness of educational TV . That may help to provide the following visually :

          Outlines or lists.
          Key points .
          Article complex stepwise manner .
          Relations .
          Information needed to the summary in order to save or recall .Take advantage of :

          Pictures to show how things look .
          Graph to show the relationships of concepts , organizations, and the structure of content material .
          Maps to show the spatial relationships .
          Graph , tables and lists to summarize the information.Take advantage of the capabilities of the animated video for the show :

         Showing how to use tools and equipment.
         Showing the skills that students are expected to learn.
          Work experience should be noted that during the operations .
          Analysis of the changes that occur with time, using animation , and slow motion , or photographing intermittent periods of time .
          Detection of three-dimensional spatial advantages of something.
          Transport students to places and situations they would not have Ejodoha through their own experiences .
          Provide materials and primary sources for analysis of historical events such as movies or things that happen naturally.Management Lessons educational TVThe fact that all of the students and teachers are far from each other in terms of physical distance , the challenge teachers face is to reduce the gap between them and the students , not just the good use of technology , but also the use of effective teaching practices . The quality education to achieve a harmonious relationship between students and teacher . Once you provide the basic teaching methods , try to employ the following strategy consisting of three steps to manage the educational lessons on television :
 The preparatory phase

        Remember that teaching about after consuming more time than teaching that is face- to-face traditional arrangements . Consequently Put plan lessons .
      Your exercise performance in front of a live camera prior to the class and if it is possible colleague Mark you, the number of students ( a sample of the targeted students ) or a media professionals , monitors the presence of the camera and submitting offers suggestions for improvement.
      Organize all the materials and visualization of the lesson prior to the class. It is also better to perform a fit experimental collaboration with the professional staff , which leads to the knowledge of all participants role expected of them .
      If you are using a camera placed in a high place with the aim of casting a electronically on the visuals , do an understanding of how they work and their determinants prior to the class.
      Haye viewers to the possibility of hearing new terms through the program , and then to answer any question regarding the current use of technical equipment , such as cameras and television screens , and sound equipment , etc. ...
      Students know whether to be present in the classroom any of the workers or any camera technicians. Although the students are going to be curious in the beginning, but that interest will disappear with the progress the lesson , especially since these professionals are usually trained to be a hassle , which Espbonh to a minimum.
      Must have a background of students for the necessary materials , so as to make the best use of televised lessons , taking into account the lessons use questions to help guide the discussions.
      You should consider the introduction of teaching teamwork to maintain the attention of the viewer's attention with the work on the changes in sound , image and presentation style . The use of modern style with the guests prior to the row may help give students the background necessary for some information . You must also inform the guests about these specific objective of the paragraph of their own. What is the thing expected of them , as well as informing them about the general background of the participating students .

  During the quota on educational television

       Making changes to your facial expressions , tone of voice , body movements , and eye contact with the camera in order to evaluate the interaction through talking.
      Attracting the attention of your students through the use of jokes, ask questions , engage students , and praise the contributions of students .
      Keep the presence of energy and movement to attract the attention of scholars from a distance. And remember that both of boredom or enthusiasm for the infection is transmitted .
      Submit content in five to ten minutes , and punctuated the debate has moved from education to the mutual interaction and vice versa.
      Mark quotas lectures simple and clear , to help focus during the viewing, explained the key points that must be searched.
      Do not read the article .
      Keep a moderate speed to talk .
      Do not stay away from the main theme - the students kept you on the same line or wave .
      Enter multiple types of posts by students , viewing , reading, writing and speech.
      Instead site concentration of activities presented in front of the camera to an individual or group receiving on-site .
      Enter breathers ticking Kvtrut rest of the TV screen .
      Encouraged to support and learning between comrades by encouraging students to work together inside and outside the classroom.
      Review the concepts that are discussed in the program and to clarify any misunderstanding by directing specific questions .
      Assemble and standardization activities in order to support the delivery of content .These activities may include sudden tests , worksheets , role-playing games and experiments .Work on finding opportunities to ensure student interaction through :

    Planning to select a particular time of the mutual interaction as well as inform students in advance that the interaction something expected. The initiative to the type of interaction during the first 20 minutes will pay students to participate in education , rather than confined to viewing only .
    Assigned to students in remote locations to lead discussions or do scans the room in search of questions.
    The exact definition of the topics of discussions or questions, then allow time for students to prepare responses . The determination of discussion questions for the discussion before the date of the quota TV will help the students to prepare and mutual interaction . Mark questions appear on the screen and in writing so that the students can see and hear the question.
    Encouraging mutual interaction of student to student and request that one of the students who are in the classroom or student of students in a remote sites that the answer to the questions . It is not necessary that the teacher always answer questions .
    Work on the basis that you contribute to the content and facilitate not only the role that the supply of content .

  After serving:

      Review the tape private submitters either the existence of the team work of art , or the existence of a colleague , or yourself. Without notes to improve the presentation, method , and a means of delivery .
     Try to get feedback from students about the strengths and weaknesses of the educational materials , and about teaching strategies that have been used .
      Be prepared to hear new ideas and new techniques connected so as to increase the effectiveness of education.

Education benefits and constraints mail

The benefits of e-learning :
There is no doubt that

There is justification for this type of education is incalculable in this article , but we can say thatThe most important features and benefits of e-learning that it helps to develop visual thinking - DevelopmentPositive attitudes towards learning - a positive development tendencies of the students towards science - makes the processLearning easier - reduces the difficulties of linguistic communication between the student and the teacher .1 - increase the possibility of communication between the students among themselves , and between the students and the school : and soDuring the ease of communication between these parties in several directions , such as discussion boards , e-mailMail, chat rooms . The researchers believe that these things increase and stimulate students toParticipation and interaction with the topics2 - Contributing to the different viewpoints of students : Forums such as instant discussion boardsAnd chat rooms offer opportunities to exchange views on topics which increases the chances ofTake advantage of the views and proposals and incorporate them with the views which the studentHelps in the formation of a solid foundation when the learner and the knowledge he has composed and strong opinions and sound, and thatThrough the acquired knowledge and skills through chat rooms .3 - sense of equality : this feature to be more useful for students who feelFear and anxiety because this method of education makes students enjoy more boldly inExpress their ideas and the search for more facts than they would in a traditional classroomThis type of education allows a full opportunity for all students because he can send his mindAnd his voice through the communication tools available from e-mail and discussion boards and chat rooms .
4 - Easy access to the teacher : enabled e-learning great ease of access toThe teacher as soon as outside official working hours ,

Because he can become a traineeThat sends queries to the teacher via e-mail5 - The possibility ofModulating method of teaching : it is possible to receive the scientific material that fit the way studentsSome of the visual method suit them , and their proportionality way audio or read ,Some of them fit with the way the process, e- Education and sources allowApplication sources and many different ways to allow the modification in accordance with the method best forLearner .6 - relevance of various teaching methods : e-learning allows the learner to focus onImportant ideas during the writing and assembled for a lecture or lesson , and also allows students whoSuffer from difficulty concentrating , organizing tasks to take advantage of the material and that they be arrangedAnd coordinated manner easy and good and important elements of the specific7 - HelpAdditional redundancy : This additional feature for those who are learning the way the processThose who are in education through training , if they wanted to express their thoughtsThey put them in certain sentences , which means that they are re- trained to repeat information thatIt does so also when students are preparing for a particular exam .8 - provides the curriculum throughout the day and every day of the week : This feature is useful for peopleAlm'zajian or who wish to Education at a certain time , because some of them prefer to learnThe other morning and evening , as well as for those who bear the burdens and responsibilities of personal , this featureAllows all learn in time that suits them .9 - continuity in access to the curriculum : This feature makes the student in the case of stabilitySo that he could get the information in his own time , not linked to the prayer openAnd the closure of the library, which leads to comfort the student and not his weary .10 - Do not rely on actual attendance : it is no longer necessary to commit to a specific timetableThe binding because modern technology has provided ways to communicate without the need to be in place and timeCertain ..

Obstacles to e-learning : _

Facing e-learningDifficulties may extinguish its luster and impede its spread quickly and the main obstacles are the cause of the criteria adopted. If we look at some of the curricula and courses in universities or schools , we findThey need to make adjustments and updates as a result of many different developments each year , but eachSometimes a month where e-learning is still suffering from a lack of clarity in regulations and roadsAnd methods in which education is clearly also not decide on the issue of incentivesEncouragement for the learning environment is one of the obstacles that hinder the effectiveness of e-learning , althoughOf attacks on major sites on the Internet , has affected teachers and educators and developedIn the minds of many questions about the impact on e-learning in the future.

Among the most important of these obstacles include: _The need for a solid infrastructure in terms of availability and reliability of the hardware and connection speedInternet - the need for a specialized management systems, e-learning - the difficultyAccess to educational programs in Arabic - the inability of the teacher to useTechnology - digital filter - the loss of the human factor in education - regulations and incentivesCompensatory - Privacy and confidentiality - the high cost of the primary . - Calendar difficulty - the development of standards

Ways to overcome obstaclesE-Learning1 - the response of the students with the new style and their interaction with him .2 - methods of monitoring the integration of classroom education with immediate and making sure that the curriculum is going according to the plan set for it .3 - an increased focus on the teacher and notified his personality and its importance for the educational institution and make sure he did not feel important and not something that has become a traditional heritage .4 members of the community aware of this kind of education and not to stand the negative thereof .5 provides a wide area of ??the electromagnetic space and expand the area of wireless communication .6 continuing need for training and support of learners and administrators at all levels , asThis type of education needs to be ongoing training in accordance with the renewed technical ..7 need to train learners how education using the Internet.8 need to disseminate the contents of the high level of quality , so that competition is global.9 edit all the old rules that impede innovation and the development of new ways to promote innovation inEvery place and time to provide education and to demonstrate the efficiency and dexterity .

Search for e-learning "concept and its benefits and characteristics

Educators are constantly looking for the best ways and means to provide an interactive learning environment to attract the attention of students and encourage them to exchange views and experiences . The information technology represented in the computer , the Internet and Maalhak them of multimedia of the most successful means to provide these educational environment rich , where you can work in collaborative projects between different schools , and students can develop their knowledge of subjects important to them through contact with colleagues and experts have the same concerns. It is the responsibility of the students to search for information and formulation , which develops thinking skills . The online communication develop writing skills and English language skills , where the Internet provides students and teachers alike texts written in English in a variety of subjects and different levels. As for the teachers , the connection to the global network enables the teacher to access the expertise and experience of learning are difficult to access in other ways. The power of the Internet lies in its ability to link people across huge distances and between disparate sources of Informatics , The use of this technology increases the opportunities for education and stretching out to and beyond the scope of the school , and this Maaraf under the name of e-learning , which is the most important features of the school of the future .

          Yes, I've recently undergone extensive changes to the field of education . And began the labor market , through its needs for new skills and qualifications imposed orientations and competencies updated to meet the needs of the new economy . Therefore, the curricula are subject to re-examination of the other to keep pace with modern requirements and available technologies , such as e-learning and direct instruction , which depends on the Internet. But the field of e-Learning and solutions will not be successful if lacked the key factors of the elements available in the traditional education current , this latter achieves a lot of tasks , indirectly or invisible to the passerby who believes that Internet technology will turn all scales without access to , but the educational process in deep . Where is a time for schools and students attending mass is important instills valuable educational indirectly and reinforces the importance of working together as a team.Vary the terms of reference institutions, e-learning among a variety of services , such as obtaining a master's degree directly online, or certification of technical programmers and specialists in the field of Information Technology and other excellent features , where you turn the necessary procedures and provide the criteria required to put programs recognized for study remote .According to some female students and specialized research , found that 48% of colleges and traditional universities had raised their curricula directly on the Internet in 1998 , while the proportion rose to 70% in 2000 , and in return there universities do not offer their services and curricula only via the Internet such as the University of Engel Wood Englewood and Colo Colo and KabilaIt is expected to achieve industry e-learning online direct significant growth from 6.3 billion dollars in 2002 to more than 23 billion dollars in the year 2004, as shown by studies conducted by the group IDC , a market research , basing this on the great development in the sector e-business and the increasing demand for professionals and specialists. For its part, each of Oracle, SAP and other companies producing programs to join this important sector and design products suitable to him .Problem of the study ?

          Pass educational institutions at the present time in the stage of a radical transformation due to economic pressures and huge costs on the one hand and to the business world on the other hand , the big difference between the students who choose to attend schools or distance learning is also a factor in this transformation, in spite of all of this is still colleges and schools attract numbers of students to Madrjadtha to receive education.

          I went institutions of higher education, especially with increasing repeated for the students to use the Internet to deliver courses to students in remote locations . And also encouraged the delivery of courses to students on the campus of the institution as well. Saw where some educational institutions that this method and a way to attract students who are not able to come to the university buildings , while for the other institutions as a way to meet the needs of a new quality of students.

          Yes, I've felt education institutions - at the moment - economic pressures so tended to control costs , improve quality , focus directly on the needs of the customer and to respond to competitive pressures , where I found that information technology IT Information Technology has the ability to solve most of these problems , it can be changed the role of the student and the college also , Ftisr and learner-centered , and save money through the process of sophistication to work , and focus more on the content of the curriculum.

          With the increasing use of modern technologies , accept all of the colleges and students alike the changes that have occurred in the education environment . Valorteurat and degrees are becoming available on the Internet , was the establishment of schools, universities, libraries, virtual , Fbasttaah student submission and registration, go to college , buy references , books and attending lectures of non- registration of any visit to a virtual university buildings , number of disciplines and educational programs have been developed so as to be the interaction between them and the students this type is called education with the help of the computer, some of the other programs more interactive as it allows students to send their views and comments for yards discussion through sites on the Internet , and this type is called debate asynchronous Valmchark in this type read and comment on the subject under discussion, when given the chance so in his spare time , there is another kind of education is the education or the immediate and simultaneous discussion which uses Messaging or IM , there are participants can interact and debate with each other and at one time , and real . Regardless of the method used for education , shift must be from the traditional classroom to classroom across cyberspace Cyperspace. This is the future of education , a so-called e-learning , and therefore, this study is trying to answer the following question :What the concept of e-learning ?

  Can ask this question of the following questions:

          Q 1 : What is the concept of e-learning ?

          Q 2 : What are the characteristics of e- education in the community ?

          Q 3 : What are the benefits of e-learning ?

          Q 4 : What barriers to e-learning ?

Importance of the study :This study aims to find out the concept of e-learning as well as the characteristics of the society in the age of cyberspace and then addressing the benefits of e-learning ?

The limits of the study:Because the elements of e-learning too many Therefore, this study will be limited to answering the following questions without referring to the design standards of e-learning or future or its properties or e-learning curriculum .First, the concept of e-learningE-learning is a method of teaching by using the communication mechanisms of modern computers , networks and the Sa?th multiple of sound and image , graphics , and search mechanisms , and electronic libraries , as well as web portals , whether remote or in the classroom is important is intended to use the technology of all kinds in the delivery of information to the learner shortest time and with less effort and greater utility.

          And distance learning are part derived from the study of electronic In both cases , the learner receives information from a place far away from the teacher ( source of information ) , and when we talk about the study of e do not necessarily have to talk about education Messaging synchronous (online learning), but may be e-learning is synchronously. Education is the default : It is useful to learn from remote locations is not bounded by time or place of the Internet and technology .Direct e-learning :

            The term e-learning direct , style and learning techniques based on the Internet to connect and exchange lessons and topics of research between the learner and the teacher , and the e-learning concept enters a lot of techniques and styles, has witnessed the eighties adoption of CD-ROM's for education but the drawback was clear a lack of feature interaction between Article the teacher and the learner or the receiver , and then came the rise of the Internet as a justification for the adoption of e-learning directly on the Internet, so as to simulate the effectiveness of teaching methods realism , come touches and humanitarian aspects through direct interaction between the parties to the educational process and must distinguish completely between teaching techniques and just contact by e-mail , for example , and we will discuss corporate training and education in schools and universities to discern the effectiveness of this new method , which his campaign Internet to us.Realism in Education :
            The lack of the realms of realism in the process of e-learning direct the main disadvantages of this method of education that needs , in some cases for the human touch between the learner and the teacher , and singled here talking categories that futile where e-learning direct and now we find that it targets high school students mainly then university students and other professions such as doctors and engineers any more or less institutional training received by workers and technicians in the institutions and large companies of different fields .
            There are educational materials suitable for e-learning direct and verify the effectiveness of large , for example, I can explain to you at length about the phenomenon of natural science , but for a school trip or go to the lab and watch this phenomenon directly to sing all the effort that may be we are making in the e-learning system direct to explain this phenomenon , ie, that the substance of Education direct E-mail must be suitable to him and appropriate to his style , so we can say with confidence that it can adopt e-training direct successful Kemtemm the teaching methods of educational infrastructure and to develop the resources available for students to be trained on the use of technology to improve learning and finding schools more flexibility and increased interaction parents of students in the educational process in addition to the increase in the arrival of the students and provide them with technical and expand professional development opportunities for teachers and technology can enhance the capabilities of students, teachers and educators .

            Some educators and experts to direct e-learning or education , depending on the computer will deliver a resistance hinder its success if it would compromise the educational process current , or threaten the existing parties because it sometimes depends on radical solutions in its implementation.

E-learning -based computer :

         Still e-learning -based computer CBT Computer-Based Training approach synonymous with basic education and traditional can be adopted in a complementary teaching methods usual and in general we adopt the techniques and methods of many within the education plan and a comprehensive training based on a set of methods and techniques , for example, if it was difficult to broadcast video educational online so be submitted on CDs or video tapes VHS as long as it contributes to raising the quality and level of training, education and prevents bottlenecks wave amplitude on the network and requires e-learning hand essential to justify its adoption and invest in a vision window to commit to him long-term in order to avoid obstacles and difficulties in information technology and the resistance and aversion educated him , I have in mind here the words of one of my professors , one of the veteran in education, educational guidance , where he told me recently that he was estranged from the computer and talk about the large number of what he heard from the exaggerations around that mind -mail smartphone that will control the world, but he realized that the computer is nothing more than a stupid and just a machine depends intelligence limited to the user and his proficiency in the creation of intelligent programs and effective make it user benefit , rather than to benefit is to consume his time and effort in vain lies in saying that the axis of the success of e-learning , which depends on the development and selection of the education system e- appropriate in terms of meeting the requirements of Education Kalthaddat continued to keep abreast of developments and taking into account the standards and controls in the education system chosen to ensure that the level of development of the learner and achieve the goals of education and educational as information technology is not a goal or an end in itself but rather a means to connect the knowledge and purposes known of teaching and education , including making the learner ready to meet the requirements of practical life in all its facets , which has come to rely more or less on information technology and the rapidly changing nature .Second, the characteristics of education in the information society ?

          Cyberspace is the concept of the space where words and human relationships , data , and power show by people who use computer technology as an intermediary for communication , and the virtual communities : they are cultural groups arise at the confluence of a group of people to each other in cyberspace clearly and simply , in the past, the concepts of discrimination or differentiation membership is one of the factors relevant to the development of communities , People who are engaged in hobbies certain make up communities in order to continue their hobbies that differentiate them from the rest of the communities , as well as the communities are characterized communities generally characterized on the basis of where the city is small or village and its environs constitute the society and so on. With the advent of electronic communication and virtual reality , it became difficult to determine what is meant by community , communities wove different types and characteristics of the variety , so it was entering into the world of virtual communities and the ability to remote training requires a completely different operations of difficulty accomplished by some people . Range that is used by the persons computer as an intermediary for communication in order to teach new people to re- education or their hobbies or attract them and attach them to groups or sects and communities in which they work , those are the key issues to build a society in Computer in which a mediator , and therefore, some researchers gave another term to the individual in virtual community , a personal electronic ( when the person is working on the computer with other people ) . In this episode we will address the most important artistic techniques that must be considered when training in a virtual community .Terms of education in the community space :

          1 the ability to continue internal dialogue in order to prepare answers.

          2 Create a form of privacy language space of the person from the place of its connection as well as the establishment of an internal sense of privacy has .

          3 the ability to search in the emotional threads in text format .

          4 The ability to create an image of an intellectual colleague for contrast in the communication process .

          5 the ability to create a sense of immediate attendance during the connection process .

          If the environment is electronic allows the trainee emergence of his electronic , people autistic are more suitable for teaching in virtual environments , it is something encouraging for people autistic that take plenty of time to think about the subject matter before you answer it , but for people who are open or social interaction in their environment becomes difficult but not impossible , because of their interaction have their presence among the others , so choosing the best education is education in an atmosphere alive and this gives them the ability to better performance and then get the best results , while the autistic Vanjazhm be the best in the tranquil atmosphere or virtual environments so they do not find it difficult to join virtual environments to reverse social people who want to always be in a bustling social environments .

The important question is whether societies can build sets for immediate education incomplete , however, Taatkabl groups and face- to-face ?

          Despite the importance of meeting face- to-face in some respects scientific , but this meeting is inappropriate to change the configuration of groups, instant ongoing , it is possible to find a train without this type of connection . Through discussion boards and chat rooms and other where he will meet the participants and deliver their ideas , opinions and suggestions and comments about the goals , ethics , obstacles , communication styles , these are the principles in the communities in which Taatkabl face- to-face and this thing is happening in e-communities .

          The basic steps that must be taken into account when education in virtual communities :1 clear definition of the objectives of the group.2 Create a special location for the group.3 set effective leader of the group.4 define the principles and behavior .5 to allow the organization of the roles of the members.6 and allow the facility to sub-groups .7 to allow members to resolve their disputes .Work these steps may enhance communication and encourage central members.

Conflict in virtual communities :

          Characterized the transformations that have taken place in communities large speed , which led to the difficulty of identifying label society , societies today are formed around issues of identity and common principles and not on the basis of geographical location . In this society can be defined as an integrated unit continuously arise at the confluence of a number of people in shared interests. And when you meet people around common goals in order to work on the delivery and development of the principles of behavioral , and conflicts occur between members during the discussion space on the topics to achieve those goals , and thus groups must continue to talk non-stop in order to accomplish tasks as a team. When you try to avoid conflicts that could lead to the disintegration of the group, conflicts essential stage which must work in order to reach the stage of completion , and many studies have proven that working in groups is similar to instant perfectly with groups working face- to-face .

          Possible occurrence of conflicts in electronic communities more traditional societies , due to the absence of interlocutors face to face and not being able to interact verbally , which may lead to lead to misunderstandings , then the difficulty of emotional expression through the text , so the possibility of solving tendencies are larger than through electronic means .

          Principles and procedures for resolving trends in education in virtual communities and educational immediate :

          Work through conflicts help create strong communications between members of the group and lead to positive results , and educational communities instant will contribute tendencies in finding the type of cohesion among members but also contribute to the quality of the results of the educational process , so the professor in the education environment instant must be comfortable in the event of a conflict . Here it should be noted the important point is that there is a danger when they are not able to resolve the dispute Professor in Electronic Communities , Vvhalh to influence or support in resolving the dispute may lead to the destruction of the educational process and the reluctance of even warned by the participating students .

          Accordingly, we can say that he should draw interest in distance education to develop a sense of unity within the group of participants in order to ensure the success of scientific education , community education is a tool that spoke of the educational process instant in which , Members are dependent on each other to achieve the desired results of the curriculum , for example, when he enters ( enter ) at the site of one of the participants is not scheduled to happen there any kind of interaction for several days , this thing leads to frustration and discouragement .

          The new model is the professor who gives a sense of independence and entrepreneurial spirit , creativity, and that during the dialogue , participation and encouragement to ask questions .Interaction in virtual education process :

           In traditional education students see each other, know each other through good knowledge of the educational process , but the question is how can we make all this acquaintance and interaction occurs when the contact was limited to text or audio through the computer screen only ? The fact can not happen immediately , but it can facilitate such a way that one can develop a discussion of mutual guidance regardless of how the partnership between the groups, with each other , and be the beginning of the curriculum send messages welcoming the tariff and this thing is useful to start dating default , the professor in this type of education must be flexible subtracting its agenda and programs to be able to the educational process and then allow students to perform their own programs each according to its own needs .