Ask a psychiatrist on the Internet for distance learning

There are 18 psychiatrist who can answer your questions
Ask a psychiatrist on the Internet for distance learning,
 there are 18 a psychiatrist who can answer your questions on working with us experts in psychology, 
Almt_khasan in the treatment of depression, fear and autism and social phobia and improving marital and emotional life and the treatment of anxiety and fear children.
 Dr. myself able to assist you in psychological counseling and resolve any problems in the family to get to marital happiness. . A psychiatrist for children and mental illness such as anxiety, 
fear, disorder or tension. Also a doctor specializing in psychological psychology and child-rearing and the treatment of stress,
 anxiety and fear of death and symptoms of depression and mental illness and marital problems and improve the psychological pregnant.
 Psychiatrists provide family counseling and psychotherapy and treatment of obsessive-compulsive and autism in children and anxiety and fear in children and the fear of marriage and shortness of breath,
  sleep disorders and obsessive compulsive. , Subtract your question now for distance education.
University students and students an opportunity to go to university to get a degree (BA only) distance education symbolic costs in the amount of 3000 SR system (training courses mandatory fee) for each semester according to the system levels Aldraseh.utedv University of it to graduating qualified nationals eligible contribute essential in driving progress and Altnumeih.oeetm acceptance of distance education is always the first quarter only